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Caramello Sposi

This is the story of a beautiful story … the story of a pastry chef and his dream; how a boy in love with pastry, thanks to the love and dedication that his master Gualtiero Marchesi has transmitted to him, has managed to open his laboratory.
Goodness and beauty, class and refinement have led Chef Massimiliano to become more and more known among brides who choose his sweets for the great moments with the cake; idyllic moment and very meaningful on the wedding day, which definitively seals love and will remain forever engraved in memories and in those heart.

chef Cassarà

Wedding Cakes


Wedding cake

Custom monumental cakes for every single wedding!

The passion for pastry grown over the years with dedication and commitment, the careful selection of ingredients, the rigor in processing and attention to detail are the elements that characterize the philosophy of our work and guide the choices of our staff. We use high quality raw materials, mainly organic and zero kilometer, without ever resorting to products of a chemical nature or harmful to health.